We’re a creative product design company

We work with you to design, prototype, and create high-quality meaningful products. You can trust Convert Studios to go beyond your original intent and deliver unparalleled satisfaction to the end user.

The Process

Our process begins with our passion to partner with you and convert your unique product idea to reality.



Innovative design is at the core of everything we do. Our design process goes beyond function, to aesthetics, materials, packaging and life-cycle.



Using the latest technology, we produce and deliver high quality working prototypes – often including the final appearance, feel and function.



At the end of the design, it’s time to produce volume orders. You benefit from the long and close working relationships with our suppliers.

Our Work

We design, prototype and supply customised product solutions.



Quentin for RUOK?

Creating awareness in the community for mental health.



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Tablet and Laptop Holder

Keeping work surfaces clear with an elevated tablet & laptop holder.



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Laptop Holder

This clever laptop holder means greater flexibility and more space to work.



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Tote Stools

A stool designed to look good with age and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.



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Our Bench

Our Bench can be a bench or communal table for inner city apartments and offices.



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