About us

We work with you to create high-quality meaningful products.

You can trust Convert Studios to go beyond your original intent and deliver unparalleled satisfaction to the end user.

When you expect high-quality design for your product idea, you can rely on Convert Studios.  Our attention to detail and commitment to smart design means your product will receive the care and consideration it needs to be market success.

With any design brief, we start by looking at the big picture.  We consider the lifecycle of your product - from inception to ensuring it meets the needs of the end user, and is value for money.

The professional designers at Convert Studios will work with you to design and develop something unique and memorable. You can trust us to challenge the design and to make it as simple as it can be, with minimal components, elegance and the ability to dismantle for recycling.

We specialise in customised product solutions, often designing various add-ons to a product range or products that adapt to and enhance something that is already on the market.

Adam Weaver 
Director / Convert Studios