Frequently asked questions

What does Convert Studios do?

We design and manufacture new products for people, entrepreneur's, inventors, businesses and organisations. We currently work with people from a one person start up to mid sized businesses.

What happens after I submit my new product request?

Sit tight, one of our product specialists will be in contact with you between 1-2 business days from your online submission. The first phone call will be a relaxed get-to-know you conversation where we will ask you more information about what you require.

Will my product details remain safe?

Yes, all our new product submission forms and customer information remain confidential. We only discuss details about your new product internally in our team and with you. If we need to speak to a third party provider on your behalf, we will request approval from you first.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the complexity of the new product, will determine the allocated time we take to design and manufacture it. The below are typical timeframes: Fast Projects, within 30 days from initial design to final manufacture. Standard Projects, 12 weeks from initial design to final manufacture. Advanced Projects, 6-12 months from initial design to final manufacture.

How much does it cost to make a new product?

If you are unsure on what the costs are involved to make your product, we have listed out a few examples below to help you. It is important to understand with any new product, there is an initial design phase that needs to be completed, here we work within your budget to design a product that meets your price point. Prototype (1 off) will cost anywhere from $1000 - $10,000 Small quantity orders (1-100) will cost anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000 Large quanitity orders will cost anywhere from $50,000 + With all new project requests we will send you an initial quotation first

What is the advantages of developing a new product?

Ownership, market control and returning customers. Once you have developed your new product, you are in complete control. Customers will only be able to buy from you and you alone. Developing your own product also offers greater revenue streams. One option is you will be able to license your IP to other partners in your country and/or oversees partners. There are many more advantages we can discuss with you, after you have submitted your online form.

Need something made?

Schedule a meeting with one of our product consultants.