Future Workstation

Convert Studios is always looking at new ideas and we also like to work on our own ideas.  Future Workstation is one example of this and was inspired by the 'Return to Work' concept post COVID-19.  Companies are adopting a 'Hybrid' working culture and with this the requirement for peoples safety when they are in a workplace, is dominating todays conversation.

With our years experience in research and developing solutions for workplaces, we know that people like their own space and also a collaborative environment.  Future Workstation concept looks at solving this current problem.  


Concept Design

3D Modelling



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With the recognition that companies are moving to a 'Hybrid' working model, we developed a unique all-in-one workstation that allows people to work isolated in a safe environment and also an area that easily allows collaboration.

Future Workstation offers inbuilt air sanitisation, height adjustment and a rotating touch screen for daily working and video conferencing.  Storage for personal items and a sit-to-stand area for flexible working.

Future Workstation

An all-in-one future workstation offering greater flexibility to enhance users experience whilst keeping people safe when needed.