Medication preparation is one of many important steps for patient care whilst in healthcare facilities.


Hospital Products Australia (HPA) supply product solutions to the healthcare industry.  HPA reached out to Convert Studios to develop and supply a storage system for patient medication preparation for use in drawers on Medical Carts.

The solution was a retro fitable storage trays, comprising of adjustable internal dividers that assisted with medical staff to store medications to fit in drawers on Medical Carts.  These units are made from medical grade plastic and easily cleaned for hygeine.


Design Development

3D Printing




Quality Control





HPA Trolley and Tubs_06.jpg

Inspired by the aesthetics of modern medical carts, easy to clean and stackable for storage in healthcare facilities when not in use to save space.

Internal dividers are easily adjustable and remains inplace along a guiding track molded into the inside structure of the Trays.

HPA Trolley and Tubs_07.jpg

The solution

Two piece modular solution that fits various sized drawers that creates an easy to use medication preparation process to improve patient care and medical staff experiences.