Healthcare Technology

Technology in healthcare is rapidly improving to assist both patient care and medical staff.  Hospital Products Australia (HPA) supply product solutions to the healthcare industry.  HPA reached out to Convert Studios to develop a quick fit Medical PC holder for Medical Carts.

Medical PC's are used by healthcare personnel to monitor patient care.  These are a hand held technology device and the current pain point is mounting these to carts or other locations in healthcare environments.

The solution was a quick one-step mounting solution to carts, offering flexibility for various sized Medical PC's.


Design Development

3D Printing




Quality Control





flex - healthcare week event - 7.jpg

Hygiene was a large factor to consider in the design.  With this we created a design enabling medical staff to mount the Medical PC to the mount, removing any physical touch point to the mount.

We achieved this with an integrated retractable clamp with flexible medical grade silicon material.

flex product rendering.png

Final Design

An easy to clean, hygienic mounting solution for Medical Carts.  Zero hand contact when mounting the devices and keeping to the aesthetics of various Medical PC's and robust to withstand the environment its being used in.