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Quentin, a project for RUOK? Creating awareness in the community for mental health.

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As people go about their busy lifestyles, pressure and challenges are constantly faced with each and every one of us.  Often we place others and activities in priority and forget about what truly matters.  Which brings the question, are you ok?  RUOK is an organisation promoting this question throughout the community.

Convert was approached by Fusion Digital to collaborate and help develop their Q-Mark product, called Quentin.  Quentin is used for an annual marketing campaign, who is handed around to select Ambassadors within Australia to promote the question, RUOK? Much like an Olympic torch is used.


Quentin works by firstly pressing the power button.  The user will follow with shaking Quentin to reveal a challenge question on screen, who is then faced with this to interact with another community member. 

It is a fun and interactive way to promote the conversation and social interaction within the community for mental health and Convert Studios was very honoured and enjoyed being a part of this project #ruokday

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