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A look back at CIFF in Guangzhou, China 2017

Updated: Jul 26

Over the past few years there has been many disruptions that have created immediate change to how we do business and collaborate with each other. One of my favourite things to do when running a business, is travelling to see clients and supplier partners.

Here is a look back on a trip to CiFF, Guangzhou China in 2017.

Day one of a 3 day trade show, with attendees from all over the globe lining up to see what China had to offer. The event is the largest I have personally been too and interesting to see a few familiar faces. My aim was to see what the event had to offer, comparing to Western trade shows and if there was any unique trends.

Collaboration was starting to show and verious ways of doing this. See below Life+Work, showing ways of creating solutions and spaces in work environments to enhance company employees and representatives. You can see the thinking is on the right track and to current trends.

The integration of technology was seen in various forms. The below showing and all-in-one workstation with monitors, being retractable through the worktop. In heinsight a good idea, however not typically executed well and personally I am not too sure if I would use it myself. I wanted to include this as it showed multiple alternatives to using a workstation with integrated technology too tools.

Sit to stand desking was seen at most company stands at CiFF. This biggest thing noticed was the size of the worktops in comparisson to Austrialian and other Western country standards. Quality and structural ridgidity was not consistant when comparing various suppliers. The more established suppliers being noticed to be of a better quality with pricing interesting quite on point to Western suppliers. The image below from Waltz, was on of the beeter quality products offering in various workstation configurations.

Various other product solutions were noticable at the event, with no doubt European influence, with more Chinese suppliers collaborating with Western design companies to develope product solutions for there offering to customers. Here are a few examples.

Overall, my final thoughts and take away and in general a must visit event to attend at a regular basis if you can. China is an amazing place to visit, the hub of global manufacturing and the technological advancements in this space is starting to catch up to Western solutions.

I look forward to my next visit again, next year.

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