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Revisiting Orgatec 2016

Updated: Jul 26

The day was cold, however I was told that Germany is generally a cold environment. The flight from Adelaide (at the time) wasn't a direct flight to Germany. My first stop was in Singapore, then direct to Munich. Soon as I landed in Munich, I remember walking through the airport thinking to myself, there was a sense of quality and style straight away. Its a very clean, crisp airport and I new that Orgatec, was not going to dissapoint.

The morning of day 1 of 3 at Orgatec in Cologne, Germany 2016 I remember was crowded, inside the event. It was my first time attending the event and was recommended by a client that it was one of the top global events to attend.

My main aim for attending was to see where the European and global market were heading and discovering current trends in workplace solutions. The following were my checklists.

  • Design trends

  • Technology

  • Quality of product and assembly

  • User experience

Finally, discussing with international suppliers and manufacturers to see what there big visions were. Here is my breakdown and take away's from what I discovered at Orgatec 2016.

Design Trends

The consistent theme was 'Green' green and more green. Many companies were displaying renewable products and organic products into their stands at Orgatec.

The above image Vepa best represents the use of natural products, plants and other indoor products, with the use of furniture and related work tools made from sustainable materials. Vepa's backed their product solutions with a paramount messaging - "Ergonomics, Design, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Interior Architecture and Good Governance are the pillars we build on".

Sit to stand desking was another big talking point, with many companies showcasing their latest designs, including Unifors latest Teamer workstation which displayed great design, engineering and most of all usability and user want to use!


Technology comes in several forms, here I was looking to see how solutions were implementing technology devices with their offerings. Once example of this was quite unique by Humanscale.

Humanscale's retrofit sit to stand work tool QuickStand identies how easily you can add further use to an already installed fixed height desk system and keeping to maximum surface use to the work top.

3D printing had presence in forms of smaller ergonomic solutions, such as seating forms in the following image.


Quality and best use of componentry to create multiple product uses is always on my mind when developing new solutions for clients, so naturally I was on the look out for this at Orgatec. From all the latest technology and manufacturing methods displayed at Orgatec, the following was my personal stand out.

In its simplest form, many product solutions are able to be formed with the use of timber and steel componentry.

User Experience

Meco Office was a stand out for me. I always drive our team at Convert to look at ways of best designing solutions that can perform multiple uses within the one product. The below sit to stand desk, performs a desking solution for users, standing presentation platform for presenters, a side table in break out areas and it's mobile to move around various areas within workplace areas.

Finally here is my take away after three days at Orgatec and talking with numerous company representatives of what's next over the future years ahead. Technology, how companies are starting to transform what was a simple chair and table to a more digital experience. Why separate a digital screen from the table or partitian screen? When you can integrate them.

Interesting looking back, some of those visions are starting to appear now and conversation are happening around other ways people can work and collaborate.

Mercedes concept car

Future space work environments

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