RUOK is a non-profit organisation helping people to create awarness with Mental Health.  Each year they run a campaign RUOK Day to continue the growing conversation.  To assist this campaign, Quentin was created to act like an 'Olympic' torch which is to be passed around to selected ambassadors and people within the Australian community.

Convert Studios was commisioned by Fusion Digital to collaborate in the creation of Quentin, a IoT device designed to interact with people, which prompts questions to the user to invite a conversation for RUOK.


Design Development

IoT Development


Quality Testing







Convert worked with the RUOK team to develop a housing to enclose all electronics, including battery pack, recharging ports, digital screen and LED lighting arrays. 

The below images show the development process to achieve Quentin.  We used rapid prototyping to achieve a quick turnaround delivery time.

RUOK - Marketing Campaign.jpg

Case Study

Convert Studios case study video showing our involvement and how Quentin (RUOK) works and the user journey in its environment.

We really enjoy working on meaningful campaigns for a great cause.