Convert Studios was contracted to create a floor mounting solution to support Cisco Webex Boards with a 360 degree screen rotation in various locations throughout the new multi-storey open plan workspace at the Woodside building in Perth, Australia.  The challenge was that the stands had to be fitted to each floor without any potential trip hazards for safety within the workplace.

The solution was a modular mounting system to the floating floor, enabelling repositioning through out the building.  The upper frame consisted of a secure outer frame to the Webex boards allowing for ventilation with a standard white board on the rear facing side.

The entire upper screen has an inbuilt rotating mechanisim, with 90 degree stop intervals to enhance user experiences whilst using the boards during, video collaboration, Stand-ups and sprints.

Convert Studios worked with Colebrook Bosson Saunders and Living Edge to deploy 100 units to Woodside, Perth Australia.


Design development




Project Management 

Quality Control






woodside interactive stand image.png


Rotating Screens

From initial consultation, we created the project scope which included all the features and specifications required.  

We began a rigorous design and prototyping process to test the design before moving forward with production.  The following images shows a few examples of the process involved to complete the project.

convert studios - woodside interactive project.png


With use of the Cisco Webex interative screens, users required extra space for personal devices and work tools.  We designed a simple accessory tray to accommodate for this.

woodside - convert - 2.jpg


Convert Studios project managed the complete process from design, manufacture to deployment.  We provided an 'out of the box' solution delivered onsite at Woodside, later revisiting the site for a final Quality Check post installation.