Laptop Holder

Work / Laptop Holder

This clever laptop holder means greater flexibility and more space to work.

As technology changes, so does the products we use, and the spaces in which we work. In developing this product, we focused on a day at the office and a typical work space, then we designed a Laptop Holder that mounts to a monitor arm for Colebrook Bosson Saunders.


As this is part of a product family, used with the Flo monitor arm, the aesthetics were influenced by how it would integrate with other items it would be used with.  The clean lines and readily-adaptable features means it fits right in.


With an aluminium support offering strength and integrity, and a rubber mat that both protects and holds the product in place, the Laptop Holder is light and easily manoeuvred.

Plastic, sliding clips allow the holder to adapt to any laptop and are quick and easy to move, rotating 360 degrees and locking into position. Users can close their laptop without removing it from the mounting position. Cords are secured with a cable management clip whilst users can also adapt a Laptop Holder lock.

When the Laptop Holder reaches the end of its product life, it is easily dismantled and recycled.


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