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A stool designed to look good with age and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Our brief was to design a simple seating range, stackable for homes and offices where space is a luxury.

We chose durable steel because of its structure, versatility and aesthetics. A simple powder coat is all it needs to suit any décor.

Put simply, our aim was to achieve a robust and clean design. With a simplicity that meant it could work in any commercial or residential environment.


The basic A-frame structure, which allows it to be stackable while giving it a distinct look on any furniture showroom floor.


Although the end product appears simple, it was a challenge to ensure the stool not only worked as a stackable seat, but was commercially viable. We realised through trial and error at the development stage that although tubular steel appears easy to work with, it is anything but. Not to mention our company ethos means always thinking about the recyclability of any product.

So we gave the stool a slight facelift to prevent unwanted variables in production and enhance its reusable lifespan. Made from tubular steel and plastic, all components can be recycled.

We think the end product is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics, and the market agrees.


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